Rules & Regulations

Hours of Play

Weather and other conditions permitting, the golf course and driving range will be open at 8AM on Tuesdays thru Sundays and at 1PM on Mondays.  All golfers must sign in at the golf course trailer before beginning play.

The Golf Course Superintendent has the authority and the responsibility to close the course or part of the course or temporarily delay play because of adverse weather or turf conditions. All members are required to allow an adjustment of tee times due to frost delays.

Tee times are booked at 30-minute intervals.  Tee times must be booked in advance at Tee times may be booked 5 days in advance. Only members are allowed to book tee times. Members are prohibited from teeing off in advance of their tee time or teeing off more than 10 minutes after their scheduled tee time.

The final tee time per day is 4PM for 18 holes and 6PM for 9 holes.  All golfers must exit the golf course no later than 20 minutes after sunset but no later than 9PM.

Traffic on Course

All play must begin on the tee #1.  All players must proceed from #9 green to #10 tee so as not to delay the play of other members on the course.  Players must not cut in front of others and members are not required to allow single players to play thru.

Number of Players per group

No more than 4 players are allowed per tee time and separate tee times are not allowed to combine while playing the course.  A maximum of 4 players are allowed per hole.


Members may invite guest to play along with the member.  The fee for a Guest to play The Links at Overlake is $25.00.  The guest fee must be paid at the Golf Course Trailer either by check payable to Overlake Golf, LLC or cash prior to use of the driving range, putting green or tee time. Members may bring only three (3) guests at one time and members must accompany the guests while on the course. All guests must be over 12 years of age.

All guests are subject to the rules imposed on members. Members are responsible for guest compliance with all Overlake rules and regulations. Guests are not allowed to make tee times and must be accompanied at all times by a member.

Children on the Course

The minimum age for players with a family membership is 8 years of age and any family member under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult member. No one under 16 years of age is allowed to drive a golf cart.


Metal spikes are not allowed on the golf course, including the practice green and driving range.

Golf Etequette

 To make golfing at Overlake an enjoyable experience for everyone the following rules of golf etiquette are required at all times:

General Rules

  • Players shall comply with the USGA’s rules of golf etiquette.
  • Each player must have a set of golf clubs.
  • Yelling and the use of vulgar or profane language are prohibited.
  • Players must not throw clubs, abuse carts, hit tee markers with clubs or otherwise mistreat the golf facilities.
  • If a player plays a ball in a direction where there is a danger of hitting someone, the golfer must immediately shout a warning. The traditional word of warning in such situation is “fore”.
  • Players must not hit into the group ahead of them.
  • Any damage to property of The Links at Overlake Golf Course shall be paid for by the member responsible for same, or in the case of a guest, by the member sponsoring the guest.
  • Overlake Golf, LLC shall not be responsible for a loss or damage sustained by members or their guests in the trailer or on the grounds.
  • Members or guests violating any of The Links at Overlake rules may be subject to reprimand, fine, suspension, or expulsion from The Links at Overlake Private Course membership.
  • Members and their guest are not allowed to be shirtless at any time anywhere on The Links at Overlake.
  • Overlake Golf, LLC will not be responsible for accidents, injury or death of members or their guests while they are on the premises of The Links at Overlake and will not be responsible for loss of personal property of members or their guests by fire, theft or any other clauses.
  • Members and guests are not permitted to discipline, order, or instruct golf course employees at any time.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not served by The Links at Overlake Golf Course. Members are responsible to manage their own liquor consumption so as to assure proper etiquette and compliance with all rules and regulations of The Links at Overlake Golf Course and the liquor laws of the United State of America and of the State of Utah.
  • No member will allow seed shells, cigarette or cigar butts or any other waste product to contact the putting surface.
  • No littering is allowed on the Golf Course property.

Pace of Play

Players should play as quickly as possible while maintaining proper golf etiquette. All groups should complete and 18-hole round in 4 hours or less.  Players are limited to playing a single ball throughout their round.

Players shall not spend more than 3 minutes searching for a lost ball.

Golf Cart Rules

Unless a member has obtained a “red flag” exemption, carts should be kept on the cart path around tees and greens. Driving a golf cart on a tee box or within 20 feet of a putting green is a serious violation of these Rules and Regulations.

Carts should be kept on all other cart paths as much as possible, particularly where adverse course conditions exist. 

No more than two (2) people may ride in a golf cart at one time. 

Avoid sharp turns and steep inclines.

Avoid all wet spots, newly planted areas, ground under repair and roped-off areas.

Golf carts must not be driven over rope lines and members shall not cut rope lines or move any Golf Course signage.

Members may stage their own golf carts on The Links at Overlake Golf Course but do so at their own risk.  Overlake Golf, LLC is not responsible for any damage or loss of member golf carts stored on the Golf Course.

General Care of the course

Repair all divots (use sand and seed bottles provided).

After playing a stroke from a bunker, smooth irregularities with the sand rake provided and place the rake inside the bunker.

Deposit all refuge (e.g. broken tees, cigarette or cigar butts, cans, bottles, paper cups, rappers) in trash receptacles.

Obey all directional indicators (e.g. signs, ropes, and arrows).

Care of Greens

Repair all ball marks.

Do not place your golf bag or pull carts on the putting surface or fringes. 

Do not remove the ball from the cup with a club (suction tips allowed).

Do not lean on clubs or drag them on the putting surface.

Driving Range Rules

Players are responsible for their practice balls that cause property or personal damage.

Avoid hitting range balls onto neighboring properties.

Players must not proceed onto the driving range beyond the driving range tee markers or hit balls from a location not within the driving range tee markers.

Driving range balls are not to be removed from the practice areas (driving range and putting green) or taken onto the course.

Family Memberships

A family membership will allow the member and family members over the age of 12 who are living at home, or full-time students or serving in the US armed forces all privileges afforded by The Links at Overlake to the member, subject to these rules and regulations.

Members are responsible at all times for the actions of their family. 


Members who fail to comply with these rules and regulations will be subject to immediate termination of their membership and forfeiture of any and all future member rights.

Members are responsible not only for their own conduct, but also for the conduct of their family members and their guests.  Members must inform their family members and guests of the aforementioned rules to assure that they understand them and are aware that they are expected to adhere to them. 



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